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Sterling Investigation Services is a licensed private investigation agency centrally located in Edgewater, Maryland with a network of investigators throughout the United States and internationally. In the majority of cases, we use our own in-house private investigators. Sometimes we are required to use sub-contractors. All sub-contractors are screened to ensure they meet our high standards of customer service and professionalism.

Whether your case involves adultery, asset searches, background checks, cheating spouse or infidelity, child custody, fraud, surveillance, asset transportation, or any other issues, Sterling Investigation Services is here to assist you.

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Our Clients
We provide private investigation services to: individuals, attorneys, corporations, insurance companies, and anyone that might need our help. Our fees are always upfront, in writing, and very competitive. With Sterling Investigation Services there are never any hidden fees.

How to Hire a Private Investigator
When you require the services of an experienced, licensed private investigation agency, contact Sterling Investigation Services for a FREE consultation.  However, if you decide to speak with another agency or investigators, there are some important questions you should be asking before hiring them.  Below are 6 questions you should always ask before hiring a private investigator or agency.

1) Are you a licensed private investigator in Maryland?   If an agency or investigator is not licensed – get away from them.  Run, don’t walk.  Ask for the license number and verify with the Maryland State Police here.

2) Are you a one-person operation or do you have a support staff? It is very hard for one person to answer phones, write reports, conduct surveillance, and keep a high rate of customer service. Sterling Investigation Services uses case managers to streamline the hiring process and an answering service so we never miss those emergency calls.

3) What is your background?  It’s your right to know the background of who you are hiring. Would you hire a doctor with no track record or experience? Then why hire an investigator without investigation or law enforcement experience?  Sterling Investigation Services investigators have a minimum of 5 years of investigative experience.

4) What are your rates and do you provide me with a contract before we start?  Licensed investigators will typically charge by the hour or an agreed upon flat-fee before undertaking an assignment.  Most firms require a Retainer Agreement or contract PRIOR to undertaking services on your behalf.  Make sure you understand all potential costs before hiring an agency or investigator. Get it in writing!

5) What is your availability and how soon can I expect you to undertake my case?  Before hiring an agency or investigator, it is important to get an estimate of when the job will start and how long it will take to complete.  All cases are not the same, but a good firm should have some idea of the time frame to complete your case.

6) What should I expect once I hire you? After you hire the agency or investigator, what should you expect as far as updates? Updates should be (when possible) by e-mail or written so that there is always a record of how your case is being handled.  You should know how and when you will be updated.

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